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Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks - Dieux Tattoo

Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks - Dieux Tattoo

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Quite literally the one and only eye mask that you’ll ever need with a new and improved tattoo design by tattoo artist, David Enth. Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks are the much needed solution to wasteful skin care that are effective, hygienic and hard-working. Plus, plus, plus!

Its super soft silicone texture latches onto your skin and seals in gels, serums and creams to make sure you get the most out of your products. Attend a virtual coffee meeting in Pinterest board-worthy self-care chic, or allow the masks to sit on your skin whilst you do your makeup for a night out.Stop throwing out single-use eye masks and say yes to sustainable skin care that also cares for the env-EYE-ronment! All you need to do is simply wash, dry, reuse and then you’re good to go! These eye masks make for a perfect hassle-free product that’ll stay in your bathroom cabinet…forever!

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