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Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum( 29ml )

Herbivore Bakuchiol Serum( 29ml )

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Make way for Herbivore’s Bakuchiol Serum – a silky-smooth, gel-textured, water-based formula that absorbs quickly to brighten, even texture, reduce the appearance of lines and soothe dryness.

Giving a wealth of smoothing, brightening and fine line-reducing benefits, the serum contains bakuchiol, a natural ingredient derived from the babchi plant that's also known as psoralea corylifolia seed extract. Scientifically proven to be just as effective as retinol in its ability to lessen hyperpigmentation and fine lines, bakuchiol does it all without the redness-inducing irritation and peeling skin that is common with retinol use. A 1% polyhydroxy acid blend even exfoliates the surface of your skin to gently even texture and minimise fine lines while boosting serum absorption and hydrating. Empowered by tremella mushroom (also known as snow mushroom) extract, this serum then infuses skin with deep hydration and encourages moisture retention to give plump and radiant looking skin. Rich in antioxidants, blueberry stem cells strengthen your skin and protect against environmental aggressors that contribute to premature signs of ageing. Best of all, this natural and vegan serum is suitable for all skin types – even the most sensitive – but don't just take our word for it! In a blind test where 106 women used this elixir twice-daily for four weeks, 91% agreed it didn't cause irritation and 85% agreed that skin looked smoother and less dull.

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