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With an ingredient list worthy of celebrating, this supercharged, odour-fighting Chemistry Deodorant does the work of a deodorant, all while supplying your long-neglected under-arms with nourishing extracts.

Speaking of which, its infused with antimicrobial shikimic acid to fend against unwanted scents; mandemic acid to diminish dullness and discolouration; lactic acid to exfoliate (a must for preventing ingrown hairs!) and encourage healthy moisture levels; pure aloe vera juice and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate and soothe; as well as a highly bioactive peptide to condition and smooth your skin. What isnt in the blend is just as important as what is you wont find any aluminium or baking soda in this impressive, vegan deodorant! The fact that the lightweight serum is fast-drying and runs no risk of leaving tell-tale residue on your clothing only makes us love it more. Simply pick between the 'Serene Clean' scent or the 'Fragrance Free' edition and be on your way to showing bacteria-causing BO who's boss...

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